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25 April 2006 @ 10:51 pm
So I know I havent updated this thing in like.. forever but I've been really busy living in the real world. Spinner is INCREDIBLE. Its still hard to beleive that after everything, we're back together.except for well, the Spinner part. There is sooo totally something going on there. I mean I know he was crushing on some girl but I kind of figured that if he really wanted to get back together then it would be because.. you know; he actually wanted to be with me... I guess I just dont know anymore.

Party at my house on Friday night. BYO drinks. Oh and Marco, heads up; Dylan will be there. He said everything between you guys was.. cool? But yeah. Everyone come, you know you want to!
25 March 2006 @ 04:26 pm
So I've been hanging out with Spinner alot lately, between bowling and carnivals - not to mention saving me from being a single mother for this virtual baby assignment we've been doing in Kwan's class. He's kind of become a key player in my social life again. Definitley not complaining though. In fact there was this moment at the carnival where I maybe sort of wanted to kiss him again. We were stuck on the ferris wheel at the top and this couple was making out behind us. 2 years ago that coupld would have been us. and it was reallly awkward.

Talked to Craig for a bit today. Someone's having trouble with his virtual baby! Luckily the decisions were left to Manny a few years ago, huh Craig? Ok so kind of harsh but he refused to spill on Spinner's mystery girl. I know its none of my business but I can't explain the nagging feeling in my stomach. I just want the jealousy to go away. Why was I stupid enough to let him go? Stupid Skanky Manny.

Marco, where are you? We need to catch up soon! I miss you!
18 March 2006 @ 11:27 am
First of all, Yay! Craig got a LJ and its all due to moi. Well ok, maybe not technically; but I planted the seed so that has to count for something right? This week has been totally boring. Especially compared to last week and Marco trying to sneak drunk me into my house. It was hilarious in a 'you probably had to be there' kind of way. He seems confused. Which is understandable, hello? He got completely burned the last time he put his heart on the line. Kind of a familiar feeling these days

So I'm thinking of throwing myself into some sort of big school event/social project. Any ideas guys? and if you say a dance.. Just DON'T say a dance....dances and me are cursed. NO DANCES. Mmmk?
04 March 2006 @ 05:31 pm
So I suck at blogging. They say some people can blog and some people can't. I'm one of those "can't" people. Besides it's not like I have anything exciting to report. I've been hanging out with my older brother. Yay. So exciting. actually it wasn't that bad at least he talked some sense into me. I can't just sit around and wait for Matt to come back forever

So Matt and I are over people. Yeah, I know I know. Who didn't see that one coming? Well I didn't for one. But I can't just sit around waiting for him to come back can I? So I'm determining it over. Even if I don't know who exactly ended it. Closure is overrated anyway. I just need my friends. Thats all. Paige the single woman is back!

Hung out with Spinner at the DOT today. He's still his usual goofball self which is great to see. I see a very bright year ahead!

- Paige.
18 February 2006 @ 07:36 pm
A summer without Matt; Somehow Hazel and Marco had managed to convince me that it would be romantic. Letters, postcards, long phone calls of whispered i-love-yous. The actual reality is something that I would rather forget.

Not to sound whingey. particularly since it's mostly my fault he had to go away and work with pot smoking, tree hugging hippiesBut he is not proving himself to be the perfect boyfriend I imagined. When he next calls me, I think maybe we should talk about a few teensy little issues I have regarding the issue of WHEN IS HE COMING BACK?!?!

It sucks that at this moment in time I have no idea where my boyfriend is, or what he's doing orI'm sure everything is just peachy. He's probably just.. having trouble with his long distance or something. Coz everyone knows that Matt and I, and senior year...is going to be the most fantabulous time like, ever.

and it would be... if he would just, you know; call.